Not so dry July

July 1, 2013 § 2 Comments

It’s no secret that I’ve lost my blogging flow. New posts are less than infrequent at the moment, and I can pretty much pin my time of desertion down to three months ago when I began full-time work.

Nothing could have prepared me for the experience of working full-time hours for the first time, especially after coming off a rather long stint of unemployment. I have never had to have my brain work so hard for so long, which kind of makes me sound like an idiot, but that’s the only explanation I have for the weird headache I’ve developed over these past few months. I’ve never had concentration issues in the past, but when you’re looking at a computer for the fourth hour in a row, your mind can’t help but wander.

Unfortunately, due to the exhaustion that comes along with full-time work, certain things have fallen by the wayside: blogging, reading, even regular exercise. I get up, I commute, I sit, I eat, I sit, I commute, I eat, I sleep. Yeah – it’s inspiring stuff. I haven’t found a balance yet, and desperately need to. I need to make the time; I need to prioritise.

I write lists of the things I need to get done, but some things have been so lowly prioritised for so long now that the thought of attempting to get the wheels rolling again seems like too big an ask. So I let the list grow. And the pile build.

But not this month.

In an effort to get back on the horse, I will be blogging each day in July. Today, and everyday for the next 29 days, something will be posted in this space. I’m not 100% sure what this will mean for my content, (everything may go a little bit pear-shaped), but my hope is that regular publishing will make each post feel like less of a big deal, leading to more regular posts once this month-long ‘blogging binge’ is over. So, in the immortal words of Lord Flashheart:


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