Top Ten Tuesday – Characters I Would Crush On If I Were Also a Fictional Character

April 2, 2013 § 4 Comments

Please keep in mind that I’m often attracted to the fictional good-for-nothings. And I really couldn’t manage ten book crushes, so I give you seven. What is wrong with me?!

1. Westley from The Princess Bride

Westley as played by Cary Elwes in the 1987 film.

Westley’s a babe. No doubt about it. Death cannot stop him and “if your love were a grain of sand, [his] would be a universe of beaches”. He does everything he can to keep his “true love” safe: beating a fencing master, bettering a giant and outsmarting a genius in a battle of wits. He is the embodiment of perfection: witty, resourceful, driven, handsome and clever. Exceedingly clever.

Look at that face! So self-assured. So wonderful.

2. The mysterious storyteller in The Blind Assassin

The Blind Assassin in Atwood’s prize-winning novel is a story penned by the protagonist Iris Chase’s sister, Laura. In it, a man who remains unnamed tells a story to the girl he’s in love with.

What will it be, then? he says. Dinner jackets and romance, or shipwrecks on a barren coast? You can have your pick: jungles, tropical islands, mountains. Or another dimension of space — that’s what I’m best at.

The storyteller manages to weave an intricate and highly imaginative tale featuring sacrificial virgins, blind assassins and tombs set on the far off planet of Zycron. The girl is completely entranced by the fascinating world he conjures, and so was I. His imagination and presence are completely intoxicating.

3. Mr James Harthouse in Hard Times

We read Hard Times in my Year 12 English class and I remember having an impossible time convincing my teacher that Harthouse was not the good-for-nothing, selfish scoundrel she took him for. He is the catalyst for Louisa’s emotional undoing, bringing to light how ill-equipped she is as a the result of her urilitarian upbringing. And yet, I do not blame Harthouse for this; if it wasn’t him, it would have been another man. He’s charismatic and bored, clever and privileged, with a mind that allows him the freedom to ‘go in’ for anything. I know that his seduction of Louisa is merely an attempt to sate his boredom, but I love him anyway.

A standing Harthouse listens to Louisa’s rather detestable brother, Tom ‘the whelp’.

4. John Willoughby in Sense and Sensibility

Another unreliable sort. John Willoughby is, again, a charismatic man, who seems the perfect match for young Marianne Dashwood. She is completely besotted by him and it’s clear why. Though, it is revealed that he’s done some pretty crummy things in the past, he does eventually regret his poor treatment of Marianne, admitting his feelings for her were genuine. I never forgave Elinor for interfering.

John Willoughby as played by Greg Wise in the 1995 film.

5. Robert Frobisher in Cloud Atlas

Why is it that I always fall for the dandies? Robert Frobisher is a young English musician in 1931, kicked out of uni and essentially hiding out at the estate of a composer. Frobisher reveals himself to be the perfect mixture of cynicism, wit and passion in the letters he writes to his dear friend (and lover), Sixsmith. The fact that he’s played by Ben Whishaw in the recent feature film doesn’t hurt either.

Ben Whishaw as Frobisher in Cloud Atlas (2012).

6. Jay Gatsby in The Great Gatsby

Jay is a pretty messed-up sort, but he’s magnetic. While his plans to win back Daisy aren’t entirely well thought out, I couldn’t help but admire his efforts. The lifestyle he leads ain’t bad either.

Jay Gatsby as played by Robert Redford in the 1974 film.

7. Sirius Black from Harry Potter

Just the right amount of bad ass mixed with unnerving loyalty and kindness. I wept like a baby when he passed through that damn curtain.

Gary Oldham as Sirius Black in the Harry Potter films.

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§ 4 Responses to Top Ten Tuesday – Characters I Would Crush On If I Were Also a Fictional Character

  • farahcolette says:

    #1, #4 & #7. Dream men.

  • Rory says:

    I didn’t include any HP characters on my list, but if I had, I would’ve included Sirius. And Willoughby, very much a charming cad – best when admired fictionally.

    • Rory says:

      And Westley is both clever and handsome, a dangerous combination!

    • Laura says:

      Agreed – I have a feeling that Willoughby is best admired from afar, he does less damage that way. Westley, however…

      I had a look at your list and made a note of a few of the titles. I was uming and ahing about putting Rochester on my own list, but something’s just a little bit off about him for me. I find him a little soft after he admits his love for Jane, too dependent, which sounds bizarre. Maybe it’s time I give Jane Eyre a re-read.

      Vronsky from Anna Karenina was also a close runner-up.

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