Challenge Accepted

January 6, 2013 § Leave a comment

Last year, I kept a record of my reading for the first time since primary school (when parent-signed readings logs were the norm) thanks to Little Girl with a Big Pen’s 100+ Books Challenge. This year, I’m starting a fresh 100+ Books Challenge and taking on a few more.

All I can say is thank god I wasn’t participating in the Australian Women Writers Challenge last year! I only read two novels by Australian women in 2012 – My Brilliant Career by Miles Franklin and Air Kisses by Zoe Foster. I also read The Emerging Writer, which was edited by Karen Pickering, and Voiceworks #90: Copy/Paste edited by Kat Muscat.

Of the 36 books I read, only seven were written by Australian authors – that’s an embarrassingly low percentage that I will make every effort not to repeat.

The Australian Women’s Reading Challenge is going to help me bring the numbers up (allowing me to crawl out of my hovel of shame). I’ve signed up for the Franklin challenge – reading 10 books written by Australian women writers and reviewing at least six of those.

I’ve picked a few out already:

And as part of a personal challenge of my own, I intend to review and/or discuss every book I read this year on The Prattler.

You read right, every book.

To help me with that, I’ll be doing some literary theory research because my critical language as it stands leaves much to be desired. Even if what I learn doesn’t make its way into my reviews, I feel as though making an effort to build upon my rather scattered knowledge won’t be a wasted venture.

Wish me luck.

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