All that came before and all that’s yet to come

December 31, 2012 § Leave a comment

The end of another year, and based on how I’m feeling this December 31st, it was apparently little different from the ones that went before it. Except that it was.

This was my first year outside the safety net of formal education; I entered the real world (well, as much as one can without leaving the comfort of home). I got my first degree-relevant paid job. I lost my first degree-relevant paid job. I began writing book reviews for ArtsHub. I volunteered as a Buzzcuts Reviewer.  I went to Canada for two weeks. I went to the beach. I solidified some great friendships that I initially doubted would last. I made new friends. I became Features Editor at We Matter Media. I volunteered with a local festival. I made an effort to go to events I wanted to, even if it meant going alone. I became more comfortable with my own company. I read 35 books (hopefully, to be 36 if I can get a move on today). Stuff happened this year.

But I have much bigger plans for next year. The Prattler is getting a makeover. I’m going to return to the airwaves. I’m going to travel to Europe and find a job there. I am going to live in the UK. I am going to read more and write more reviews here.

I am. I will. I shall.

I’m considering picking up Mandarin again and I still have an electric guitar I was given as a gift a few years ago that I’ve barely touched. I want to start podcasting. I want to find a job in line with my skills that grants me the freedom to move out, but also challenges me. I want to finally be done with the casual job I’ve had since I was 14-years-old. I want to meet new people, have new experiences and focus on making original content instead of just passively watching/reading/sharing content made by others.

I want to use my mind. I want to have discussions with people about real things. I want to make a mark. I want to be able to identify what I can bring to the table. I want to be one step closer to knowing myself well.

And I will be.


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