Back at the beginning

December 5, 2012 § Leave a comment

In an unpredictable turn of events, I have found myself, once again, applying for jobs. Just over two weeks ago, my employers told me they were selling the business, making my position in audio production redundant. Thus, my services would no longer be required.


My ‘sorry we let you go’ flowers

So, here I am, two days into unemployment waiting to hear back about five different job applications I’ve sent off. Even with a whole year’s worth of practical managerial experience under my belt, the job hunting experience is little different to last time. I don’t seem to be getting any phone calls. No interviews. Nothing.

I’d forgotten how draining the job search can be. It is only early days yet, but I can’t help but feel a little disheartened. I was really excited by a couple of these jobs, but it seems I wasn’t a strong enough candidate. It’s sobering stuff. The worst thing is getting back into application writing and coming to grips with that icky self-promotion feeling. As someone who doesn’t often run around blowing my own trumpet, job applications tend to leave a nasty taste in my mouth. Finding the right balance between under-selling and over-selling is difficult, and the results never tend to reflect my personality. Beginning every sentence with I obviously doesn’t help either.

It was naive of me to assume that because I’d had employment for the last year, I would instantly find it again. We’re a hop, skip and a jump from Christmas and no one’s really looking to employ someone new right now. Even the Christmas casual positions are thin on the ground.

I’m just grateful that my redundancy aligned more or less with my plans to travel next year. And it’s provided me with an opportunity to revisit a few personal projects, like this blog. So stay tuned, loyal readers, you may hear more from me yet.



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