What do you hold, oh future?

January 3, 2012 § Leave a comment

Another tipsy evening, another countdown, another year. Hello 2012. What on earth will I do with you?

First thing’s first, this year signals the first time that I find myself without the comfort of schooling to fall back on. I have no uni to fill my time.  Now,  I’m on the job hunt. Oh, what a terrible and draining experience it has been so far. I think part of the problem is that I’m not altogether sure what it is I want to do, whether I want to be a radio producer, writer, professional ‘real world’-averter… the list goes on and on. Then, I have the problem of whether or not, despite my multiple voluntary media experiences, I have the right experience for any job. Okay, enough of my ‘woe is me’ employment anxieties.

I started this blog so I could write, so I would have a space to practice and hone my skills. My greatest fear after Honours was that my brain would turn to mush because I could not imagine doing anything more academically challenging than that year of research. Hence, this blog was a preventative measure. With that in mind, the thing I need to do most at this stage is write more regularly. Every day? Between 3 and 4 a week will do for now, I think.

Similarly, I promised myself that I would produce a weekly podcast. That hasn’t happened yet, but I took the first step the other night by buying myself a Zoom H4n. Earlier in the year, I attended a podcasting workshop hosted by Jessie and Jon of Paper Radio and they recommended the H4n as their most invaluable piece of equipment. I did some research and the rest is history. One portable microphone is headed my way.

I also have every intention of getting through a significant number of books on my Books to Read list. The list began in 2006 when we would regularly share and recommend books to each other in Literature class. I just took the extra step and made a note of them. The list initially comprised of only classics, but has since grown to some eight pages, is always being added to and  goes with me on every library trip. Currently, I’m in the midst of reading Neil Gaiman and Al Sarrantonio’s Stories. And I have a substantial pile of books littering my bedroom floor to get through after that.

In the long term, it’s tricky to know what I want from this year. The plan had been to travel to Europe some time in June or July, but the Olympics will be on and hopefully, I will have a job before then that I won’t want to have to quit for travel. The plan for January at the very least, is to continue my volunteering , get some audio work done including some podcasting and get some more job applications out. Here’s to another year.


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