Big decisions

November 24, 2011 § Leave a comment

Brainwave! I’m feeling a little underwhelmed by the selection of jobs for young aspiring radio producers out there so, in addition to sending out general introduction letters to stations and production companies explaining who I am, I want to keep producing audio pieces. I did research on podcasting all year as part of my Honours project so it only makes sense that I, now equipped with all of this knowledge, implement it in my own pursuits.

I’ve noticed patterns in my behaviour. I make safe decisions. I’ve never done anything that really stretches me and sets me far outside my comfort zone. This approach has served me pretty well thus far, but I think it has got me about as far as it can. I did well at school and university, finishing Honours a little less than a month ago and I made a decision. I decided that rather than doing more study, possibly with a scholarship, I would bite the bullet and attempt to seek my fortune in the big, bad world. The idea of more studying was appealing because it was my domain, it was what I knew. I knew I could do well in an academic environment, but then I faced the issue of being over-qualified with next to no industry experience when it was all over. Who would employ someone like that?

It’s all well and good to have made that decision, but now I am sitting in an awkward position of trying to correlate what I want to do career-wise with what is actually out there. I think I may have to go bush. There don’t seem to be many jobs in Melbourne radio stations so I will likely have to look further afield. Rurally. It’s really just a matter of sending out letters of introduction and my CV. I detest changing and altering my CV. It’s always such an ordeal. So yes, I have to get on top of that pronto.

My dislike, maybe that’s the wrong word, my avoidance of doing things I am not altogether comfortable or familiar with needs to be rectified. Once I am immersed in something I’m all for doing as much as I can, but getting to that stage is the slow and steady bit. I need a bit of a push. Hence, my idea or the aforementioned brainwave.

I’m going to make a podcast. At this stage it will be published weekly on this blog and will be me, each week, trying something new that I’ve never done before. Rather than an excuse to perform silly pranks this will be me publicly owning things that I have always wanted to do, but have managed to talk myself out of. Hopefully, by forcing myself into this I can bring a little more excitement to each week, and really challenge myself. Of course, this also justifies my desperate desire for a new microphone.


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